Storing Winter Clothes

Unless you live in a tropical (or at least warm) climate, it’s a great idea to store your winter clothes at the beginning of spring to make room for your warm weather wardrobe. Psychologically, it also helps to look into closets and drawers filled with clothes you can actually wear in the season you’re in, as opposed to looking at rows of wool turtlenecks in the middle of July.

The only challenge is how to best store those beloved winter clothes. To make sure your clothes are as gorgeous coming out of storage as they were going in, follow our tips:

1. Clean Before Packing: Any residue left on your clothes can stain and set in after several months of storage, so be sure any clothing you store is thoroughly washed before storage. Cleaning the clothes also reduce the chance that insects will infect your clothes.

2. Store Safely: Plastic storage containers are subject to dampness and cardboard can attract bugs, so the best boxes for storing clothes are acid-free storage boxes. A cheaper option is to use an unused suitcase and line it with acid tissue paper.

3. Cedar Before Mothballs: Mothballs are incredibly toxic and not the best chemicals to have on or near your clothes (or your kids!) so choose cedar blocks for moth and insect repellant. Another great tip is to use dryer sheets. Your clothes will smell great, and you’ll have another bug repellent built-in.

4. Say No To Plastic: Do not store clothes in any kind of plastic bags, including dry cleaner plastic. The clothes can’t breathe and you actually create an environment that encourages mold and larvae.

5. Clean, Cool, Dark, and Dry: Your storage area must be all 4 of these in order to protect your clothing. Clean any area thoroughly before storing. Choose a place that won’t be exposed to heat, including near heating sources like furnaces. The dark prevents fading and keeps the area and clothing cool. And don’t store boxes on a basement floor or any area that’s susceptible to getting wet. Damp clothes will attract bugs and mildew.

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