Step By Step Car Detailing

Interior Car Cleaning

De-clutter and Clear Trash: The first thing you need to do is get rid of everything inside of your car so you can properly vacuum and clean the interior.

Get three bags: one for trash, one for things to bring inside your house and one for things you’ll put back into the car (windshield wiper fluid, maps, etc).

Wipe all Surfaces: You might think vacuuming comes next, but while wiping the surfaces of your car’s interior, you’ll probably move more dirt onto the seats and floor, so do the wiping now. You’ll need paper towels, rags, leather cleaner, upholstery cleaner – whatever types of materials your car’s interior consists of. Start at the top, and wipe your way downwards, cleaning the insides of windows, the dashboard and control panels, the consoles and arm rests and the seats. Spray and scrub every surface, using the appropriate cleaners for each.

Vacuum: If your house vacuum isn’t heavy duty enough or won’t reach where your car is parked, grab your quarters and do this part of the job at a local gas station or car wash. If you’ve got a Dustbuster or other tool with small attachments, use it to get into the crevices between and under the seats.

Clean Carpets: After vacuuming, invest in some heavy duty upholstery cleaner, or if you own a steam cleaner, use that on your car’s carpets, including floor mats. If you’re renting a steam cleaner for your sofas and carpets, you should take the time to use it on your car’s carpets as well.

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