Spring Cleaning – The Basics

There are a few tasks you should do in every room, so rather than repeat them in each section, they’re listed here and will be referred to as “The Basics” in future.

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans: Remove all light fixtures and clean thoroughly, inside and out. If you have a ceiling fan in your kitchen, you should be able to remove each blade of the fan to clean it with soapy water or whatever the manufacturer’s instructions suggest. If not, dust thoroughly and wipe with a cloth.

Draperies, Curtains and/or Blinds: Remove all window treatments and wash or have dry cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For blinds, use your feather or furry duster to dust between the slats and a vinegar based cleaner to wash afterwards. If you have cloth blinds, they need to be vacuumed.

Windows: To get that professional look, invest in a squeegee so you can truly have a streak-free shine. Fill your bucket with whichever solution you choose (we have a homemade window cleaner in this E-book.) Use rags to wash the windows down, then squeegee the moisture off and wipe clean with newspapers. Wash windows inside and out for a thorough Spring Cleaning Shine!

Ceilings and Corners: Dust and vacuum all room corners and ceilings.

Vents: Dust and vacuum. Use a ladder if necessary to reach ceiling vents and get on your hands an knees if you have floor vents.

Art or other Wall Decorations: Dust and or clean framed pictures or other wall décor you might have hanging around your home. When cleaning framed pictures, don’t spray glass cleaner directly onto the glass surface because the liquid could seep under the frame and damage your picture. Spray the cleaner onto a rag and wipe the surface clean.

Floors: A few times a year, we recommend getting on your hands and knees and really scrubbing those floors to achieve a deep clean. This is one of those times. Be sure to save the floor for last so you can let it dry while you’re cleaning another room in your house. Don’t forget the baseboards!

Carpets and Rugs: It might be time to rent a steam cleaner if you have a lot of carpets – or a lot of stains. You can also try spot treating a stain and giving it a thorough vacuuming afterwards. Bathroom rugs should all be washed and other area rugs washed or taken outside to be beaten or shaken if they’re made from wool.

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