5 Ways You Can Use Solar Power at Home

Once you go green, there’s no going back, and the final stop is residential solar power. However, you don’t have to implement all the green measures at once. You can start with small and simple changes, and then work your way up to major green updates. So, if you’ve entered the process of implementing eco-friendly measures that will help you decrease your bills, increase the value of your property, create a healthy and sustainable environment and reduce your ecological footprint, then it’s time for introducing solar power into your household.


Drying your clothes au naturel

Instead of wasting energy on drying your clothes, why not use nature’s gift that is completely free and environmentally friendly? You’re already consuming a lot of energy so even a simple habit like drying your clothes in the sun can help you reduce your bills, while simultaneously protecting the environment. Even if you catch an hour of sunlight at the most, it will make a difference in the long run.

Heating up your water

It certainly feels nice when you wash your hands with warm water or take a hot shower in the winter. However, this consumes more energy than you might think. Water heating systems account for about 18 percent of your household energy consumption, which makes them one of the largest electricity users. You can only imagine how much energy and money you can save in the long run by using a solar water heating system. More and more homeowners are having solar water heaters installed, which can meet their everyday needs. Although this might be a sizeable investment at first, there are grants and subsidies for green improvements, and you’ll eventually recoup your initial costs.


Keeping your home warm

Solar thermal power can keep your home warm even during the cold days. Before becoming sceptical, this is how it works. Solar panels that are installed on the roof gather sunlight and then store energy underground, so when the winter finally comes, you can rest assured that you’ll be warm. Still sceptical? Well, perhaps you won’t be when you hear that an entire community of 52 homes in Canada, called the Drake Landing Solar Community, is kept warm solely by solar thermal energy. The solar thermal energy industry in Europe is also developing plans for using solar power for heating 50 percent of all buildings, so why can’t you be part of a greener future?

Generating your electricity

By using solar power to generate your electricity, you can reduce your bills significantly, while protecting the environment at the same time. Since solar panels have become much more affordable, more and more homes are having them installed. Some of the benefits of having electricity generated by the sun are predictability and stability when it comes to expenses. You can always calculate your expenses and the amount of electricity that will be generated, which is not the case with regular electricity because there are frequent fluctuations in price. In addition, you have a range of different options, so you’re bound to find the one that is right for you. For example, an efficient 5kW solar system can meet your everyday needs and help you increase your savings. Just make sure that you fulfill all the requirement for the installation of a specific system beforehand.


Cooking your food

Just imagine how much energy could be saved if all the household appliances were powered by the sun. It might sound a bit far-fetched at the moment, but it’s not impossible, and it’s already happening. You actually cook your food using solar cookers that are based on either reflective solar boxes or parabolic discs. This type of technology can make a big difference, especially in developing countries where households still use wood-burning stoves. Solar cookers can even lead to a reduction in indoor air pollution that can cause respiratory diseases.

The power of the sun is a great one, so why not use it for your own needs? Just go step by step, start small and you’ll have a sustainable home in no time.


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