Furniture Trends 2016: Color Will Be The King

The New Year is traditionally a time to look at your home and consider which rooms need to be redecorated and spruced up. Part if this process often includes replacing all or some of your furniture.  It can be difficult to pick the right furniture, something that will blend in with your color scheme, do the job well and be in keeping with the latest trends. The following color trends are likely to feature highly in 2016 and should assist you with your furniture choices:



A neutral color is always the best choice for your furniture, especially when considering a settee. Whilst any neutral color can be used, grey remains the best option as it will go with any color scheme and can be easily brightened, or even toned down with some well chosen cushions. Grey is the best choice for purchasing the more expensive furniture items, such as your settee. This is because you can pay a little more to get a premium quality item safe in the knowledge that it will not go out of fashion the following season. A grey or neutral settee will allow you to repaint the walls every year, or simply change all your accessories to ensure your house always remains abreast of the latest trends.


Blue has become a firm favorite for the coming year. Blue colors, particularly navy or indigo, will brighten any room but can also complement the majority of the colors available.  Alternatively, if you already have a neutral color settee and are not ready to change it; you can add a range of blue colors to your room through the use of cushions, throws, curtains and even rugs. The walls can remain neutral and allow you to easily change your style next season!



This shade of blue is set to feature in many of the fabrics and even artworks which will shortly be coming to the market. It can be seen as a bold statement but it is very good at adding a splash of adventure to any room. It makes a statement and can make any room come to life.  Again, it does not need to be a big splash of color; adding it to your room via a painting or abstract art will work well. It is also possible to add vases, cushion cases and even throws to finish the effect. As blue is a warming color it will also help to make your room feel warmer and cozier, no matter how big it is!


This is the best metal to use to finish off a variety of furniture items and accessorize your room. It provides a sense of warmth and a touch of class. Add copper handles to your furniture or copper edging to your mirrors, you can even use copper curtain poles to add the right touch to your room. Alternatively, furniture edged with rose gold will provide a similar finish and add the luxury look to your property. Alongside your furniture you can add finishing touches like a rose gold hand mirror, or several pieces of jewelry, laid on a dressing table. You can even purchase copper drink mats for your coffee table or add them to your place mats in the dining room.


The most valuable piece of advice when it comes to choosing your furniture is to pick something that is comfortable and echoes your personality. The colors can be added according to the latest trends, your whims or even the change in the seasons. This will make your room, luxury handmade furniture, and interior decor truly versatile and fashionable; no matter what the current trend.

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