Christmas Tree Decorating Idea Ladder Display Shelf


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  1. Lynn Harrison says:

    How did you “install” something on the left side of the ladder directly across from the “steps” of the ladder to keep the shelves level?

    • These re just small pieces of wood placed there to sandwich the board preventing it from going up and down like a teeter-taughter – which would be disastrous when a thousand dollars worth of collectibles could be dropped and gone in a quick second

  2. Mary Beth says:

    what a great idea, just purchased my wooden ladder so I can display all my houses this year like that! Wonderful! Thanks

  3. Patricia Burch says:

    I would love to purchase this display ladder already made is it possible to do this. I can put the decorations on it.

    • Unfortunately shipping would be preventative to do this. You might be able to find a local handyman who would be able to recreate it for you through local listings in your paper, craigslist or other classifieds advertising. Hope you have success – this is such a unique and creative idea and displays the collectibles perfectly.

  4. Judy Porter says:

    Will you share the dimensions of the boards used to form the shelves, please? This is brilliant!

  5. Ruth says:

    Do I need to put something to keep the wood balanced or does the display justify? Beautiful display.

    • I personally would use two screws going into rungs on each side of each board. This would keep them balanced in my opinion and you should be fine. Either do this through the boar into the rung or use an angle brackets underneath the board. I hope this helps!

  6. Tracy says:

    How did you do the lights did you staple them on the boards

    • These lights were wrapped around the posts on the front of the ladder part. If you staple any wire make sure your staple gun has a special option to put cords up so it will not cut into the cord and create a major fire hazard. I hope this answers your question!

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