Christmas Candy Cane Wreath

14925260_673532276143865_8704779479642941148_nHow cool – but even better – how simple it is to make these. We like simple and great crafts – and this one is edible too. Yumm. You could use any regular sized candy canes to do this so color combinations are endless. These would work great as gifts as well.

The middle uses a cap from a two liter bottle to provide support while making this wreath. Use hot glue and attach 9 sets of candy canes back to back. Attach these to the cap first and then to the next set of candy canes as you make your way around. Hot glue the tilps of the ‘hook’ together from one to another and secure well to cap. It i important to provide a good strength so it does not come apart. This is topped with a snowflake flat ornament but any ornament that is flat would work.

Some different options for you is to back each candy cane with lace ribbon that comes out on both sides so it can be scene from the top side. Also, it the pictured wreath you could add snowflakes that are much smaller at each joined pair of candy canes.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Candy Cane Wreath

    • Hi Judy,

      You could switch and use an Epoxy or E6000 – you could also reinforce this with thin transparent tape to attach the candy cane backs to each other (I’d use two here) and then use one to go from curved tip to curved tip. This would reinforce it. I didn’t have a problem with hot glue for the ones we made but maybe the plastic wrap is different from one candy cane to another. If you decide to use E6000 or Epoxy it does need time to dry – before applying these add a few drops of super glue (get these usually in a three pack from a dollar store) to help give this a temporary bond while you are waiting for the glue to dry. Another option would be to work on the back side of the wreath and glue white ribbon (1/2 inch wide should do) and attach squares of it cut to meet all of the candy cane areas that join together. I hope this helps – please let me know and I will try and brainstorm some more to help!


  1. I’m having trouble getting the candy canes to stay together with the hot glue gun. After I’ve let it set over night the candy canes are not staying together. Any ideas on how to get it to stay together without using E6000. Thanks


    • what temperature does your gun go to – I think mine is at 120 degrees and after holding together a bit I didn’t have a problem – if you still have a problem, in the past the center of my wreath had been a small foam circle – I topped that with a cutout of candy cane wrapping paper – I stuck the candy canes into a small hollowed out hole (hole made smaller than the candy cane wreath) – then each candy cane that were back to back I wrapper with a small ribbon and cut the tied part off at the back – then where the two met at the points I glued a small section of Popsicle sticks I had painted white


  2. My candy cane wreath went limp after the first year. I put it on my door and during the day, the sun would hit it, then it would cool off, even freeze overnight…every day I had it as a decoration. The following season is when I realized it went limp, especially at the bend part of the candy canes. So, this year, I’m going to try using plastic canes from the Dollar Tree. If I run across this post next year, I’ll leave an update


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