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  1. what kind of frosting did u use? I grabbed some dog bone cookie cutters along with paw print cookier cutters I was going to make a separate 2 box sheet cake an do cut outs of that with a little icing over it with a paw patrol cupcape décor kit I grabbed from Walmart has dog bones sprinkles an other thing of sprinkiles color of paw patrol an little cup cake tins of paw patrol I was going to law the cookie cutter cut outs in of paw prints an dog bones than was guna do a dog bone cake but my way I think will not work this way looks a lot easier than how I was going to go about so I need a metal frosting smoother thing correct? I grabbed a frosting tool that has different tips to do different designs like u have around the cake so that will be easy im doing a trial cake so you used regular size circle cake pan an on square 4inch cake pan an cut a triangle out of each circle peace an connected at each corner of the square sheet cake correct? do u need to take thin layer of each cake to be even frosting layer ? I want to go with this so deff want step by step on what I should do if I need to go buy correct pan sizes I will for sure


    • I always use buttercream. It is a preference as I do not like other frostings. You are referring to a spatula and having a long one helps you get the sides nice and smooth in fewer strokes. Yes, you sound like you have it figured out alright. You will want to frost them all once you have the rounds attached at the corners. The cake layers should all be the same height. Add the same amount of frosting to cover the top and sides. Also, remember to add a dab of frosting under your cakes as this will help them not to slide about on your board. When you are done, send me a copy of the pic – I’d love to see it.


    • If you make three round cakes and cut a quarter from each these fit onto the corner of the rectangle cake. You are then left with three ‘quarters’ that you can use to make the fourth round corner. If you are uncomfortable with this step you could just make a fourth round and cut the quarter from that as well to make that corner. Use the quarters you cut from each for some cake at home. I hope this helps.


  2. sorry a lot of questions I did read comments first but I was looking at how u did the frosting its either the photo or its layered? how did u get the frosting to go all around the cake like that an it have a stacked looked? will I need to bake 8 circle and 2 square? to get that desired look u have in your photo than do the red an blue around bottom an top with the frosting tool I have ?


    • cake pans can be different depths. I can’t remember if I used a four inch cake pan (depth) or if the picture just looks that way. The desired look can be obtained using a two inch depth just as well. Don’t make more cake then you need. It gets expensive and then you have to find people to take cake home because you have way too much of it.


    • I used white chocolate buttercream – there are several variations but this one has become my personal favorite. It is smooth and hold well for travel and movement of cakes. It does need refrigeration because it uses a tad bit of whipping cream and has butter as well. It can stand to be out for a bit though while your festivities go on until you cut into the cake. :
      1/2 cup white chocolate chips
      1/2 cup butter, room temperature
      2 1/4 cups powdered sugar
      2-3 Tablespoons heavy whipping cream
      1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

      melt chocolate chips in microwave in 20 0 30 second blasts and stir well in between each time – you want all lumps out of the icing – place in mixer bowl with the room temp butter already in it and start mixer on low and slowly move to its highest function – you want to make it look really creamy – add whipping cream slowly and continue beating – add vanilla slowly continue beating – add 1/2 cup of powdered sugar at a time and add when mixer is off you don’t want that kind of mess that adding powdered sugar to an already beating bowl brings – and keep adding until all powdered sugar is added – turn mixer to high and beat for three to four minutes – stop mixer – scrape bowl with rubber spatula and beat high for another minute

      I have also used this same recipe doing the same thing but only added 1 cup of powdered sugar and it makes a nice icing for desert you just want a dribbling of icing on ofr to dunk.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you need anything more.


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