Birthday / Party / Wedding Balloon Decorations

wedding decoration decorations cheap balloon tree hang budget country and victorian times

This is so simple and cheap and makes a huge impact of color that can be hung from a ceiling or tree or from whatever is above you on your next celebration. When balloon is blown up add a penny to the balloon before you blow it up. This is just the perfect amount of weight to stabilize the balloon so it will hang with little movement from wind or air conditioning. Pictured is all white for a wedding –  but think about what your color combinations are for your event and play them up. Multicolored would do for a birthday party; white silver/gold for anniversary; colors of a school for graduation; red white and blue for Fourth of July or Memorial Day; red pink and white for Valentines Day – the possibilities are endless. You could literally have hundreds of these for under ten dollars.  Major impact of color(s) and you will be sure to  have people in awe.

7 thoughts on “Birthday / Party / Wedding Balloon Decorations

  1. of course they leave out something very important….maybe because it adds to the cost & time. There’s something on the outside of those balloons….if they are balloons…string or something….balloons don’t hang in a perfect circle, they hang like a dew drop. 😦 Bummer….cause I love this idea.


    • What are pictured are small plastic balls purchased from a dollar store and sprayed with glue and clear/white/iridescent glitter is added. They are hung from the plug that is used to blow balloon up. You can purchase these balls for 3 for a dollar and blow up yourself. It was the closet picture I could find for the idea – sorry for any confusion!


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