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Ice Cream Christmas Ornaments

530298_477419642310148_1531513395_nPreform these in advance and pull them out with lots of ohhs and ahhs.

Make round scoops of ice cream and roll bottom into candy sprinkles – think all red, all green, green and red, multi (like is shown). On the side take Reece’s Peanut Butter cuts (small) and poke a hole on one side and then directly across from the other. Take a piece of string licorice and make a loop as the ornament hanger. Freeze well before you serve.

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Decorated Ice Cream Cones For Memorial Day and 4th Of July

memorial day 4th of july cupcake ice cream cone chocolate sprinkles country and victorian times
If you are planning to have ice cream at you celebration of 4th of July or Memorial day why not decorate your ice cream cone so you can serve it with style? It is very simple – just rotate the open end in melted chocolate or candy melts and then cover with candy sprinkles of red, white and blue. Look for sprinkles that are already mixed with red and blue and sometimes you can find sprinkles that are stars.

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Recycle Baby Food Jars Into Storage Containers

baby food jar chalk board paint herb seasonings store repurpose upcycle recycleWhen you use contents of baby food jar clean completely and dry. Paint the lids with two layers of chalkboard paint. Now you can use a top drawer and have your spices more easily available to you. Don’t stop at spices – what about all of your findings, sewing notions etc.? Would be great for your excess office supplies too like paper clips, rubber bands, staples.

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Hot Chocolate and Ice Cream Drink

602858_10151396917301425_253932011_nI never in my wildest dreams would have thought to make my favorite cup of hot chocolate and then top it off with a big ole scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream. Top that off with chocolate swirls and you have a messy treat that anyone would love. Serve with a spoon and on a plate with a napkin so it can be truly enjoyed!

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Bake to Make Hard Boiled Eggs

Bake in a cupcake tin at 325 for 30 minutes. Eggs will have a “creamier” texture on the inside and the shell can obtain slight browning where the egg hits the edges o the cupcake pan. This idea is great to prepare eggs to color or when you need many and already are using all of your burners. This is a great idea also to prepare what you need for few days to have for that extra protein for a lunch. When you remove them from the oven immediately submerge them into an ice bath, which will allow for easy peeling when you are ready to do so.

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End The Party For Uninvited Guests

It happens every time….. you get unwanted and uninvited guests….. well, I can’t help you with them. BUT, I can help save drinks at your next outdoor party with this great idea. Its also very cheap so that is also a bonus. Have printed cupcake cups stashed all around for your guests to top their drink off with to prevent bugs from slipping into their drinks. You can go ahead and poke a hole through the middle of the bottom so your guests can easily slip them over their straw (you can use a small dowel or sharpened pencil). This also gives you an area to write each persons name on the top around the straw so people don’t lose their drinks and have to get another and waste your money by wasting drinks…. especially at a children’s party. Thank me later…..

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Decorated Hard Boiled Egg

Decorated Hard Boiled Egg

Easter eggs:
1. Boil eggs.
2. Crack shell by tapping it lightly against hard surface. Make sure you do not crack it too hard as desired effect will not happen.
3. Dip in colored water (food color). Keep submerged for twice the time the instructions say to allow the egg to take coloring inside the egg.
4. Peel shell off and serve or serve as they are and let your guests find the surprise inside.

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Lumpy Gravy – Fixes

With flour: In a jar, mix one part flour with three parts warm water. Shake well to combine ingredients. Whisk a little into the lumpy gravy and simmer until flour taste is gone.

With Strainer: Pass the gravy through a strainer and remove lumps.

With Blender: Whiz it in a regular blender or with an immersion blender until lumps are gone.

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Cocoa Butter Soap

• 35 ounces soybean oil grade—available at health food

• 16 ounces olive oil

• 16 ounces coconut oil

• 31.5 ounces cold water

• 8 ounces palm oil

• 12 ounces lye crystals

• 8 ounces cocoa butter (food stores)

• 2 ounces essential oil of almond

Let oils cool to TOO degrees Fahrenheit before adding lye solution.

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A Cold Treat

Plan ahead next time you a buy yogurt, and try it in a different manner! Freeze it until it is fully frozen…. pull out of freezer and wait ten minutes…. it will be a refreshing treat especially on those warm afternoons. Best of all you won’t have to feel guilty eating something that is also good for you!

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